8/9/2018 – UPDATE:We presented the contract and it went very well.  That said, Mr. and Mrs. Lamb decided to make a few changes and want to consider a couple options.  The most substantial change was the reconfiguration of the upstairs to add another bedroom.  The bath room stayed the same size, but was relocated.  They also want a price to extend the front porch to wrap around the house. – so, we’ve done a separate drawing to illustrate this option.  Please resubmit quotes for the revised house, and then a separate quote for the optional front porch extension. (this way I can assemble a price for the porch wrap separately from the updated house.Here are the new plans.   Original Post:Mr. & Mrs. Lamb are friends of the Collops and have asked us to build their new home on their property in Williston.  In addition to the house, they also want a detached metal building.  Here are the plans.  Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email. Thanks!