Hello Team!! We previously invited you to submit proposals for a new model design, The Cavallo Dolce.  The project has changed a little because we now have an investor / owner whom we are partnering with to make this model become a reality. Mr. Naomi is in the process of buying Lot 24 in Autumn Downs. We will build the home and he has agreed to let us use it as a model home for a few years upon it’s completion.  Needless to say, we’re very excited about this opportunity and want to get started right away.As he will eventually move into the house and use it as his personal residence, he has asked to make a few changes to the floor plan.They are summarized below.Upstairs:
  • Extended upstairs toward the rear of the home by 2′
  • Relocated the upstairs wet bar
  • Added a tub/shower to the upstairs bathroom
  • Changed the windows upstairs
  • Extended the garage by 2′ (forward)
  • Changed the single 18′ overhead door to two 9′ doors
  • Added a 1/2 bath just inside the door from the garage into the living area.
  • Master suite walk-in closet wall shifted into the garage a little to make the master walk-in-closet a little larger.
Master Bath:
  • The master bath glass wall at the rear of the shower has been made a little smaller – there is now a standard lintel across the top of that window and the roof changed to a hip roof.
  • The tray ceiling now ends above the shower in lieu of extending to the outside.
  • The curved Master Bath garden wall has been removed and the shape and size of the master bath garden has changed.  This is primarily because we have added an additional detached garage adjacent to the house. The detached garage left side wall will now be used to enclose the master bath garden.
  • The curved glass at the master shower has been omitted and a squared mitered glass as taken it’s place.
Detached Garage:
  • We have added a detached garage adjacent to the house.  Please submit separate proposals for the construction of the garage.
  • We will use this garage as an office as long as we are using the house as a model. So, yes, we’ll be relocating our office if all goes well.
Pool Cabana:
  • We have added a pool and a pool cabana that will include an outdoor summer kitchen and pool storage closet.
  • We will not be screen-enclosing the pool, instead, there is a fence and stone wrapped CMU columns around the pool deck
  • We will install aluminum fencing around the pool deck between the columns
As this home will be used as a model for a few years, we are asking you to join us in making an investment that will provide all of us with additional work for years to come.  So, please itemize “model home” discounts, (your company or manufacturers model home discounts).  Please identify the “model home” savings on your proposals separately from your standard pricing.  Doing so will allow us to develop a retail price separately from the discounted model home discounted costs.Thank you!!Naomi Residence / Cavallo Dolce Model – The House Naomi Residence / Cavallo Dolce Model – The Detached Garage Naomi Residence / Cavallo Dolce Model – The Pool and Pool Cabana Naomi Residence / Cavallo Dolce Model – The Site Plan    ***Original Cavalolo Dolce post: (for reference only)*** We are so VERY excited to announce that we have decided to build a new model home!  We’ve spent over a year designing it and are confident it’s going to be a real winner.  We will be building the house in Autumn Downs and are planning to use it as a model home for an extended period of time. Hopefully 2-3 years. (unlike a spec house that is sold upon completion) As such, we are asking you to join us in making an investment that will provide us with additional jobs for years to come.  So, if you are in a position to offer any “model home” discounts, either personally through your company, or via manufacturers programs / incentives for model homes, please submit two proposals for your work – One “standard project” proposal as if we were building for a client, and the other as a “model discount” proposal.  In doing so, we’ll be able to understand our model build costs AND the cost to charge our clients should they wish to build the same house again.Although the design is fairly simple, there are a lot of important details that set this house apart from others.  So, please take plenty of time to thoroughly review the plans and ask questions.  We’re also interested if you have any suggestions for the home. Projects like this truly flourish when the talents of all involved take ownership of it.Thank you for being the amazing team that you are! Together, I know we’re going to build this incredible house that’s second to none! As a last note, let’s all work together to keep this design and plan a surprise for the public.  Please do not share these plans with anyone who isn’t part of our team.Thank you!