UPDATE 7/23/2016 – Engineered Plans -use these for construction  UPDATE: 12/28/2015 – CONTRACT SIGNED!! These plans are not for construction – (YET…) We still need to get them signed and sealed. but otherwise, this is what we used to sign the contract. So, not much is going to change. UPDATE: 11/5/2015Below are the revised plans for the Collop residence. You’ll find that we’ve made a number of alterations to the original design in order to wrangle the budget down to where they want to be.  At this point, they have made a commitment to build with us, so, we really want to get this put together quickly. As such, please send in your proposals as soon as you can so we can get this one rolling.Here is a quick summary of the changes we’ve made.
  • Changed the roof – originally it was a gable design with (2) bonus rooms. New design is a 6/12 hip roof – no bonus rooms. – Mechanical equipment has moved into the garage.
  • Country Porch has been omitted – just keeping a smaller covered entry
  • Omitted rear lanai
  • Reconfigured master suite to include a small “bonus room” (this added a little sq. ftg.)
Thanks!Original Post: We have a wonderful opportunity to build a new home for Mr. & Mrs. Collop and their (4) children.  The house will be constructed on their property in Dunnellon. Please return bids as soon as you can. and as usual, please email or call Rusty with any bidding questions you may have. Thanks!!