UPDATE 7/23/2016 – Engineered Plans -use these for construction  UPDATE 2/2/2016 – BUDGET BLOWN – with the level of finishes and luxury our client wants to retain, we have to trim the design a bit. As such, attached is the updated house plans.  You’ll see that the design has shrunk a bit and a few items have been eliminated.  We’re confident these changes will wrangle the budget to where she wants to be. She is really hot to get started so, please submit your new proposals for this as son as you can. Thanks!!   Oh My Goodness is this customer EXCITED!!! She has just relocated from Jacksonville and has purchased a lot in The Estates at Pleasant Hill. It’s a nice Hamlet on 464B about 5 miles west of Fellowship. We’ve spent a few months ironing out the design and she’s now pulled the trigger to move forward with estimating and a contract. That said, she does have a tight budget for all she wants. So, keep the pencils as sharp as you can.  Please call or email Rusty with any questions you may have.